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The Course
Bringing proven safety skills to your  pilots, passengers and organization

What can professional CRM training do for you?

40% of Oregon Aero’s five-day train-the-trainer course allows you to practice facilitation as the airlines and our military aviation do.

Why CRM instructors need to learn facilitation skills. 

It is widely accepted in aviation that the facilitation style is the most successful for training CRM because CRM is very much concerned with attitudes and behaviors, and most adults do not like being instructed in how to behave and what to think. Attitudes and behaviors are based on a person’s past experiences, values and beliefs, which are different from person to person. Therefore, telling people to behave differently carries the implication that their values and beliefs are wrong, and this is not convincing. People generally behave in a way that they think is rational, and often find it easy to justify their behavior to themselves and others. What they may not be aware of, however, is the effects their behavior has on other people or the operation; and that an alternative behavior, which does not question their values but has a more positive effect, may be something they might wish to consider.

The technique of facilitation allows this process to occur, although facilitation is not just for the poor performer or for the development of attitudes. Facilitation can be used to reinforce effective behavior because it gives people an understanding of why they are good which encourages their continued development.
Cost of the CRMI course:    $2,000 USD    (priced to get the word out)
The CRM Instructor course is a five day course that will meet each day at 9 am and finish at 5 pm with a one-hour break for lunch from noon to 1 pm.  The helicopter-specific CRM Instructor course will consist of the following training modules
1. Role as  Facilitator
2. Why CRM?  The history of CRM and effect on air safety.
3. Human error and reliability, error chain, error prevention and detection, threat and error management.
4. Acquisition and processing
5. Situation awareness
6. Company safety culture, SOPs, Organizational factors
7. Pilot and Air Crew Decision making (PDM)
8. Communication and coordination inside and outside the helicopter. How team communication can affect the outcome of the task. Conflict
9. Leadership and Teambuilding, behavior, group synergy, Conflict resolution.
10. Stress, Stress management, Fatigue and vigilance
11. Workload management
12. Surviving the wires environment
13. Case studies—helicopter specific

14. Automation
A 295 page color instructor CRM Training Manual.  4.2 gig flash drive with Power Point presentations for all CRM modules that include video clips, pictures and slides.   Course handouts you can distribute to your team members when you give your course back at home base.
When successfully completed, the delegate will receive the official Oregon Aero CRMI pin and will also receive a Certificate of Completion certifying they have completed a 5-day CRM Instructor's course that meets the standards and recommendations of the FAA, Transport Canada,  EASA, ICAO the UK CAA, and CAMTS.
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