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Randy Mains
Author, safety advocate, Speaker, Internationally trained CRM MOI Instructor
Randy, the content of your course and the way in which it was delivered was beyond reproach. Your expertise in the field is second to none. Have no doubt your legacy of saving lives will continue with the knowledge and the skills you have instilled in us as instructors. Any course can teach a subject; rare is a course that can impart passion. Your course is exceeding rare because it does both, very effectively.”
Robert Fournier
Health Safety and Environmental Manager
Helicopter Transport Services

Capt. Randy Mains, CRMI

A decorated veteran with over 1000 helicopter flight hours in combat, Capt. Randy Mains brings 47 years in aviation and over 13,000 hours of flight time to his international CRM Instructor certification.  A CRM assessor in the two-crew cockpit for over 30 years, 13 of those years as a flight examiner with the Royal Oman Police Air Wing where he flew and examined former British military pilots who had all flown two-crew operations in the challenging IFR conditions on the North Sea.  Randy was an examiner and CRM assessor in the Bell 412 level-D flight simulator in Dubai where he trained and examined helicopter Airline Transport Pilots from 20 countries for Abu Dhabi Aviation.
Randy received his CRMI ground instructor certification by attending Global Air Training in Cheshire, England, a world-class organization that has trained CRM Instructors for over 500 airlines and military around the globe and has been doing that for over 20 years. 
Author of the Air Medical Resource Management chapter of the Air Medical Physician’s Association textbook, Principles and Direction of Air Medical Transport, Randy has flown commercial and ATP operations around the globe, to include Vietnam, Australia, New Guinea, Iran, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and of course the United States of America where he was a pioneer in helicopter air ambulance in January 1979 flying from Hermann Hospital in Houston.  
What is the significance of the little antenna
CRM training sensitizes crewmembers to the human factors we all have that can cause us to have an accident or incident.  Once a team member is trained in CRM to recognize the traits we all have as human beings they become armed with the tools in their CRM toolbox to break a link in an error chain forming.  The antenna signifies vigilance, their CRM antenna always up to prevent an accident from occurring.
To order 5-day CRM Instructor's Course / CRM / AMRM books